Cyber Stalking Investigations

Are you a Victim of Cyber Stalking? Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is a Licensed Private Investigation Agency in Greensboro NC. Our Agency is trained and experienced in complex cases of Cyber Stalking. If your case involves High Technology, our Greensboro NC Investigators are highly trained in many areas of technology in which we have been very successful in obtaining closure to online harassment, stalking, and bullying.

Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is a member of several Cyber Crime organizations including an online information website providing information and resources for victims of this growing crime.

Technology in the wrong hands can be used to cause harm, harass, stalk, bully and slander a person online, which all can be crimes punishable by law. Often these stalkers are confident that they are smarter than their victim, and that their actions give them power of the targeted individual or group. Sometimes their intent is just to harass or bully the person and cause the victim to be paranoid that they must stop advocating, speaking out, or supporting, what the Stalker considers is against his/her way of thinking.

If you have received repeated phone calls, emails, notes, letters, or have found negative information about you on the internet, you may be a victim of this growing threat. Here are a few tips to follow if you feel you are a victim;

  • Don’t stoop down to the stalker’s level by attempting to intimidate them back.
  • Discontinue any communication you may be having with the suspect.
  • Contact a trained Professional to guide you on what to do.
  • If violent threats have been made, call your local law enforcement right away.
  • Be proactive on NOT posting your personal information and photos on the internet.
  • Create a safety plan for you, family members, friends, and coworkers to be aware of should the threat escalate.
  • Don’t keep the threat to yourself. Anyone can become a victim.
  • Change up you daily routine. Having the same routine can make you an easy target.

A Cyber stalking investigation can involve many Investigative task such as, phone call tracing, phone number identification, email tracing, Internet tracing, Cellular Forensics, Computer Forensics, Spyware detection of your computers and cell phones, and a possible Electronic Countermeasures Sweep of your vehicle, home, and business. Often physical protection and surveillance can give the victim peace of mind until the situation gets under control and stopped.

If you or someone you know is a victim of Cyber Stalking, call a trained Professional at Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC in Greensboro, NC at 1-888-274-5701 or visit our website for more information about our services at


About Private Investigator Greensboro NC

Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC is Greensboro, NC's Premiere Private Investigation and Electronic Countermeasures Agency. Our Agency adds technology to your case, making your money work better for you, giving you the results you deserve.
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2 Responses to Cyber Stalking Investigations

  1. Very interesting post. This is an important subject and I hope others read it, too. Thanks for posting this. This should not have to happen to anyone.

  2. Thank you for your support Michael. Technology in the wrong hands is dangerous, technology in an Investigators hands, solves crimes.

    David Shelton
    Senior Investigator
    Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC

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